Residential House Sitting

You love your home and want to make sure it is the same condition when you come back to it.  With our residential house sitting we can help make that a reality.  The length of time can vary according to your needs.  If you are away for the week or an extended weekend we have you covered.  You determine the amount of visits so you have the peace of mind while away.

residential house sittingWe can also assist you if you have something more long term such as a seasonal home or work assignment.  We will work with you to make sure your home is not considered neglected for the home insurance should anything happen with trees, storms, water pipes, etc.  We will also be your point of contact for any maintenance on the home such as HVAC cleanings or pest control sprays.  When you do come home after your extended trip we can have the home cleaned and the fridge stocked for you so you can settle right back into your routine at home.

Tasks for each visit

Below is a list of the things that we perform during our home visits by listening to our customers’ needs.  While this list is not fixed comprehensive other things that come up,  if there is  something else you wish to have done just let us know and we can accommodate that for you.

  • Walk the perimeter of home to check exterior for an issues like damaged shingles, sink holes, insects, drainage or gardening issues, etc.
  • Collect mail and send out weekly via flat rate envelope if needed. Keep mailbox, front door, and driveway clean of any hangers and marketing materials.
  • Check all entrances to home and windows to make sure nothing has been tampered with since last visit.
  • Check each room of home. Checking ceiling for water leaks or any changes to walls/floors.
    Walk basement to make sure of no water coming in or smell of moisture.
  • Come out occasionally at night to make sure lighting timers working properly (or we can switch which lights are on at the home.)
  • Cut water via valves from the street to reduce pressure on pipes. Flush water pipes monthly. Run hot and cold water through all baths, faucets and toilets. Run hot water to partially drain water sitting in tank.
  • Adjust heat and air conditioning seasonally.
  • Visit home after large storms or snowfalls to insure no damage is done to home.
  • Watering of indoor or outdoor plants on schedule.
  • Utility or Maintenance waiting services while you are away.
  • Delivered package pickups
  • Winter snow removal to appear property is occupied.
  • Restocking of refrigerator to anticipate arrival of homeowner if desired.
  • Report to owner on an agreed interval on status of home, notifying owner of any issues immediately.

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