Errand Services:

Errand ServicesWe all know you can’t be in two places at once, but what if you could? To-do lists can quickly pile up and seem overwhelming for the little amount of free time you have left at the end of the week.  Our errand services can help lighten that load off your shoulders.

Do you have a favorite dry cleaner, but they are across town and difficult to get to? The local farmers market is only open on weekends and you want to get some fresh baked goods for vacation. The only problem is that you are still packing and can’t find your phone charger. Now you need pies and a spare phone charger too. You could take advantage of our errand services to eliminate some of the tasks that are time sensitive, you don’t have time for, or you just simply dread doing.

You don’t need to meditate for an hour to reduce your stress level. The things you need to do will still be there when you are done. Feel the worries melt away after you see the to-do list vanish while you kick back and relax.

The possibilities are endless, but here are few of our popular errands to run.

  • Dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up
  • Prescription drop-off/pick-up
  • Post office runs
  • Personal and gift shopping
  • Grocery shopping and Meal Delivery
  • Library pickup and Returns
  • Prescription pickups for seniors

Please check our Service Pricing Page for more information.